Display a Pro Timer In Your Zoom Workouts & More...

Overlay Your Zoom Workout

Add a professional timer to your Zoom workouts & more!

  • Build a workout plan & easily display it live on Zoom.
  • Automatic rich graphic animations & timer display.
  • Automatic display of the next exercise clip of yourself.
  • Your trainees would love it! Guaranteed!
  • Look better than other online trainers.
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The Ultimate Workout Recorder

No video editing! Do it like a pro YouTube trainer!

  • Build a workout plan & simply click on record.
  • Automatic rich graphic animations & timer display.
  • Automatic display of the next exercise clip of yourself.
  • Automatic display of a modified exercise.
  • Download the edited video file directly in the end of the workout.
  • Save hours / thousands of $ on video editing.
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Start Your Own Video on Demand Page

  • Let your trainees filter your workouts by type & duration.
  • Build your page in no time.
  • Automatically secured by your trainees membership date.
  • Easy integration with existing YouTube workouts
  • Share the VOD with trainees using their computer or mobile.
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And Even More Features!


Exercise Bank

Record up to 200 exercises in 1 hour(!) Display them as the next exercise preview, a modification, or use the Automatic Workout Recorder to export a fully recorded workout.


Workout Plan Builder

Easily build & print your workout plans & share them with your trainees. Circuit, Tabata, Supersets and AMRAP are fully supported!


Automatic Recorder

With the Automatic Recorder you don't even have to get up from your chair! Choose a workout plan, and let Fit2.Live automatically record the whole workout based only on the exercises you already pre-recorded in the Exercise Bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I display the workout timer on Zoom?

All you need to do is to login, build your workout plan, take it to the GoLive workout room, and share your Zoom screen (Make sure you check the 'optimize for video clip' in the Zoom share dialog)
Message us to know the more advanced display method.

Can I use it in Facebook Live or other Live platform?

Yes! You can use OBS Studio (a free application) to project the workout to any platfrom that supports a camera! (e.g. Facebook Live / YouTube Live / Google Meet / Skype)
If you need any help simply message us.

Is it easy to display the Next Exercise clip?

Of course! Using Fit2.Live's "Exercise Bank" you can record MORE than 200 exercises in 1 hour!
You can also record their modified version, and Fit2.Live will automatically display them in the differnt workout rooms according to the workout plan you have built.

Is there a limit on the number of workouts?

As of now, there is no limitation on the number of live or recorded workouts you can produce! Take advantage of it :-)

How Does It Work

Get started today in three easy steps.

Login to Fit2.Live

Login as a trainer by clicking on the top right corner button.

Build a workout plan

Fit2.Live needs you to create workout plans, so we will know which exercises you want to record, and how to play the workout graphics automatically.

Record or GoLive with your workout

Select the desired room under "Sessions", choose your workout plan, and play/record the workout.

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Any questions?

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